Falling Into A Dream State

Photo by Mo from Pexels

Take a moment to chill,
a moment to be real.

Real deep in this mood,
of hip hop beats,
as you begin to fly through…

There’s nothing else here,
but this beat and you,
so lay back,
let’s ride,
through this dream come true…

Imagine yourself flying through clouds,
you don’t have to worry,
there ain’t no crowds…

fly baby,
go fast or go slow,
there’s no one here to judge,
you’re just here to accept,
all that makes you blessed.

Let go of the hurry,
let go of the worry…

Feel all that is tense,
hold it for a moment,
with a deep breathe,
and as you let go,
release all that isn’t meant…

Feel the flow,
In every breathe you blow.

Breathe in…
and out.

Now…imagine a white light,
running through your body,
cleaning all that’s toxic,
and making it all un-toxic.

Breathe in,
and slowly breathe out…

You’re the driver,
so where will you take us next?

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